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The Journey’s mission is to equip jobless participants with the skills, experience and confidence to become productive and marketable employees.

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The Need:

One of our biggest hurdles in working with homeless families is job readiness. Many times a young dad or mom will find a job just to lose it in a few days or weeks. This causes confusion, depression and hopelessness. When asked why they were let go, most of they aren’t really sure. This makes for a difficult situation in assisting our residents in how to be a good employee and how to handle themselves on the job.

The Journey:

Finding employment for the homeless is the first step in home recovery and sustainability. My Father’s House goal is to provide a learn while you earn job training center alongside our current housing. This addresses not only their homelessness but also their need for job skills in order for them to achieve success.

You’re the Key:

You can join us by purchasing your own mailbox! For $600 you will receive a custom message on your box and you will receive emails telling you when ‘You Have Mail’. Throughout the year, you will receive coupons, coffee cards, and information about mailbox owners only events! These mailboxes will be displayed in the Journey and will have easy access for you to check your mail. But don’t delay, there is a limited supply of mailboxes!

Won’t you help us make a difference in the working lives of our residents. You are the key to our residents future!


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Where will the Building Be?

Right next door to My Father’s House. A few years ago we purchased the property between the shelter building and Powell Blvd. In January the fire department burned down the house as a training exercise on that piece of land so we are ready to build. It’s perfect because the residents will be learning and working right next door to where they live.

The thrift store and coffee shop will be a great asset to our community and for the sustainability for the shelter program. We’re excited to open up to our neighbors!


Ground breaking
The Jobs Education Solution:

We are fortunate to have donors who supply our residents with gently used clothing, shoes and necessities. In fact, we have so many donations, we simply cannot use them all. We’re running out of space.

This is why joining our job training center with a store is the ideal solution. Our residents can learn work ethics and soft skills while getting paid to learn and work. They will participate in classroom education as well as work in the store, coffee shop, and the night security.

Learning job, people , and basic skills we sometimes take for granted. The jobs program will be completely sustainable by the sale of goods donated to My Father’s House.

This project also has a second benefit. It is for My Father’s House to have sustainable income. Even while paying our trainees in the thrift store, we will be able to utilize our excess donations by selling these donated items.

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