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A Learn & Earn Jobs Program

A subsidiary of My Father’s House

The Journey’s mission is to equip jobless participants with the skills, experience and confidence to become productive and marketable employees.

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Advisory Board

Doris Sauer-President

 I have been involved with My Father’s House for over 20 years and have witnessed huge successes in helping families not repeat their homelessness. I believe The Journey is the next step in helping families achieve their goals and learn how to be successful members of their communities

Tenora Grigsby-Secretary

 My reason for being on the board is having recognized the need to help our families be able to both get and keep a job so that they are able to be successful in their efforts to avoid future homelessness and live independently once they leave MFH.

Lenis Underwood-Treasurer

My reason for being on the board is to contribute to a faith-based organization that provides encouragement and resources to families in need. Providing training and experience in the work environment will help the individuals provide for their families and accomplish their God given potential.

The Journey Learn and Earn Program

Christine Spanjer

I am serving on the board of The Journey as a way to have a say and hopefully a positive impact in the lives of those working to give themselves a better future and find resources to help them along the way. One of the reasons that I chose to do this is that I have benefitted firsthand from working in an industry and for a company that rewards hard work and offers an upward path to economic stability.  I am also encouraged and inspired by the impact that My Father’s House has had in so many lives. Their reputation and record for success speaks volumes and I’m proud to contribute in this small way.

The Journey Learn and Earn Program

Sara Green

I have been with My Father’s House for over 12 years.  During this time, I have seen the hard work of our residents pay off.  I have felt their frustration that they are not able to get better jobs. I am eager to help them be successful with the help of our wonderful community.